Uni-fit lamp is a retrofit lamp to replace the conventional halogen lamp.

Due to their size, which is similar to the dichoric lamp, they could fit into existing frames making it easy to install without extra civil works and thereby an economical retrofit solution.

They could also be used in new builds and not worry about replacing the entire fitting, like other LED fittings available in the market, in case of failures or replacement after the warranted lamp life.

Uni-fit lamps come in different colour temperatures, 3000k, 4000k and 5700k. With over 80 CRI, the lamp in 8w and 60 degree beam angle is mainly used for general / ambient lighting purposes.

Additionally the lamp is supplied with a pre-wired trailing edge dimmer. They are quicker and easier to install using the Flex and Plug supplied along with the fitting which makes it one of the most suited products for residences.

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