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NSG Lighting we have products for a wide range of commercial, industrial, residential and exterior applications that are suited to local market conditions.

We are 100% LED, this is only the starting point when we develop new products, the factors we consider include:

• Aesthetically pleasing and Innovative design to take advantage of latest technologies
• Futureproofing by being able to utilize higher performing components as they become available
• Changes to Standards, safety requirements and legislation
• By its very nature LED products contain many more components than traditional lighting products, so to achieve the full potential performance, efficiency and lifespan it is essential to source the highest quality components across the board
• Ease of installation, environmental impact, functionally, market demands and trends

It doesn’t end with product range, we understand this has to be backed up with good stockholding, and an extensive network of distributors and stockists to get the product to our end customers when they are needed, and to provide ongoing customer service. Service is a well-worn phrase and can mean many things, at NSG service means having a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team working together to provide our customers prompt information and a quick, flexible and accurate supply of quality LED lighting products.


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